On Motherhood

Motherhood is a curious beast

It rips you open with a ferocious love

Irrational, unexplainable, torrential emotion

Driving an incomprehensible desire to give everything

For that one, two, five who hold your heart.

Feeling like you’ve never given enough

Even though you’ve given all you have.

Wanting desperately to pave the way to a perfect life

Yet knowing such does not exist.

Hoping to shield them from pain even though it is inevitable.

Breaking heart, erratic longing to hold on to a few more seconds of infancy, of toddler-hood, of preschool, of junior high, of the senior year

Oh, fleeting moments,

Please pause and let me smell your hair one more time,

Feel your soft hand in mine.

As the tears flow and I miss you, I remember what He said,

“All that is not quite enough in this life will be more than enough in the next.”

I take a deep breath,

Breath in His living Truth

And know, He has set eternity in my heart

And one day, I will no longer live with longing.

One day I will bask in His presence, re-living every precious moment in the fullness of time.

Pleasures forevermore.


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