World Peace

While we may be efficient at articulating our Christian beliefs, how effectively are we living them? As I consider the turmoil raging in the world around me, I long to be salt and light, to bring peace into the chaos. And yet, just outside my bedroom door, I hear my children bickering, using cutting words to hurt one another and destroy the peaceful atmosphere of our home. It’s easy for us to speak in lofty platitudes; hard to apply them to practical living.

My children shudder when they are exposed to hateful bigotry, but isn’t it just an exaggerated expression of their own negative attitudes toward one another? At times I am disheartened, wondering if world peace is ever a possibility when I cannot even achieve peace within my own four walls. Then I remember I don’t have to achieve peace, but rather submit to the Prince of Peace, allowing Him to rule and reign in our home. Again, easier said than done, right?

If we truly believe God’s Word, we must apply it to our daily—no, our hourly—living. In fact, if we could train ourselves to be conscious of His presence every minute, we would begin to see the fruit of the Spirit blooming in our lives. Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is within us. We have everything we need pertaining to both life and godliness. We already have righteousness, peace and joy, but the challenge is to step into what we have already been given and walk it out.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the dying world around us, we need to narrow our focus and allow the Kingdom of God to reign in our personal lives and in our homes. Once each home becomes a reflection of His Kingdom, neighborhoods will follow; then communities, cities, and nations. The kingdoms of this world will be the kingdoms of our God. Let it begin today, with us, in our homes.

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