Darkness creeps over the face of the earth, thick and heavy like one gigantic oil spill. Unimaginable evil continues to spread across the globe. The Change Agents are still in action, but forced undercover as diabolical leaders take control of the world. Fear spreads like a virulent disease as millions die from unknown causes. A sinister plan is in place and if it remains unopposed, the earth’s population will be decimated. In the blackest of night when terror reigns and hope seems a distant memory, truth turns on the light. As circumstances grow more desperate, a cry of repentance is uttered.. Will it be heard? Or is it too little too late? Join the Change Agents as they battle deception, despair, vile rulers determined to take over the world, and even the undead in their final push to ADVANCE the kingdom of God! (Ages 12 and up)


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