7 Colors, 7 Prayers

I have seen the rainbow more frequently than usual in the last several days, and I love it because it is God’s sign, a reminder of His mercy and faithfulness. The rainbow consists of seven colors, and below I’ve listed seven prayers correlating with the significance of those colors. RED. It is the color of […]

Let It Rain

In the last several years, the United States has suffered drought conditions, and Texas has been no exception.  Six months ago, the primary water source for much of North Texas, Lake Lavon, was a mere 47.2% full resulting in extremely tight watering restrictions, as well as dying crops, and brittle ground. The land was thirsty […]

The Burden of Beauty

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Sitting Instead of Kneeling

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Years ago I walked out of a local grocery store by a table of American soldiers collecting “Christmas Shoe Boxes.” These gift boxes were to be sent to the faithful soldiers serving our country. I smiled at the soldiers and said a prayer for them under my breath. As I drove from the parking lot, […]

5 Truths for Frustrated Christians

Though I’ve been a Believer most of my life, I only recently came to the “revelization” (revelation+realization) that many of the most common experiences in the Christian walk often lead to feelings of frustration and in the very worst cases, disillusionment with Christianity itself. The following five facts may help ease the pressure some Christ-followers […]

5 Ways to Hurt Your Wife & Damage Your Marriage

I recently read a short article on the five ways wives were destroying their husbands and marriage and recognized that the points were concise and unarguably accurate. I appreciated the wisdom contained within a few hundred words but was dismayed that no correlating article existed for husbands that might also be unaware of behaviors destroying […]

Was King David Bipolar?

I am not a medical doctor with a degree in psychiatry and King David is not available for extensive medical testing, so I cannot say with certainty that he was bipolar. However, it is clear that he was a passionate person with extreme emotional highs and lows. Scripture details accounts of his amazing victories as […]

15,000 Diapers and Counting

I’ve been married now for well over a decade, and in those short years, our family has blossomed. My husband and I discussed all pertinent issues relating to marriage and family during our engagement, including family size. We both agreed that the Master Creator had a better handle on our future than we did, so […]

Battle Cry

We are they, the Called of the Lord Who stand on this mountain and will not be ignored “Listen you dark ones, you hoards of hell Jesus has chosen, and He’s chosen well He’s awakened His warriors, and armed us with light, Now we’re moving, and shaking, and advancing the fight And we won’t back […]