Seeing Beyond Yourself

We are selfish by nature. Current events are often filtered through a myopic lens of personal assessment. We are too quick to offer our perspective on issues, posting triggered responses on social media, eager for everyone to hear our take on an issue, rather than responding with contemplative silence that listens to all sides.

Twas the Night before Christmas (Momma’s version)

Twas the night before Christmas and here in my nest My five kids were stirring and making a mess The stockings were hung in the laundry to dry Along with six loads to be done on the fly.   The children were rowdy and jumped on the bed While visions of spa days danced in […]

Do You Know the CHRIST in Christmas?

Have we owned our Christian faith or are we riding the coat tails of the generation before us simply believing what we’ve been taught without question?

On Motherhood

“All that is not quite enough in this life will be more than enough in the next”

Change Begins with Us

We are immune to the fact that our own lack of holiness has rendered us completely ineffective in the culture war, so we blame sinners for the cultural decay.

God of the Impossible

She had been barren for over seven years. Though she had cried out to God in desperation, her prayers remained unanswered. God assured her through many voices He had heard and He would answer, but her heartache led her to explore other alternatives. Fertility tests revealed only a 3% chance she and her husband would […]

The Best of Me

“Jesus, please make me a superhero so I can be awesome.” I overheard this statement coming from the mouth of my 3-year old a few months ago. I smiled when he said it, thinking: My thoughts exactly. If we’re honest, we would all admit that though we may not have asked God to turn us […]

Stay of Execution

For several days the term “stay of execution” flashed in my mind. Though somewhat familiar with the term, any time I have a strong impression in my spirit, whether it is a phrase or single word, I like to look up the definition to make sure I have a full understanding. According to Wikipedia: A stay […]

Tweetables (#1)

A sentence sometimes says more than an essay. Words are powerful, and without a doubt the most influential words in history are recorded in the Holy Bible for it is the infallible, timeless Word of God. I cherish His Word and while no other words can compare with His, wisdom and understanding can be garnished […]

Honor the Aging

You shall rise before the gray headed and honor the presence of an old man, and fear your God: I am the Lord. Leviticus 19:32 Some in the world still follow these first few words from Leviticus 19:32; every time an elderly person enters a room, the younger stand. As I imagine myself in a room […]