Advancing the Kingdom

Are you tired of feeling battered by the enemy? Learn how to move from the defensive to the offensive in spiritual warfare, and advance the Kingdom of God by employing your God-given arsenal. Weapons discussed are worship, thanksgiving, tithe, faith, and many more! Stop retreating and run toward the battle!

Identity Encounter

Who is God? Who Am I? Who is the Enemy? Who is the Church? Knowing the answers to these questions is imperative if we are to move forward in our relationship with Christ and others. We ourselves must be clear on our position and the true purpose of the church if we are to bring others into His Kingdom.

Spiritual Legacy

God thinks generationally and so should we. He is calling us to live the fullness of the gospel (not the “American Dream”). Learn how to embrace life in Christ through relationship, risk and reward and model it for future generations.

Contend for the Promises

Often when we feel discouragement or disappointment, we seek God (or sometimes people) in hope of receiving new direction, new revelation, or a new “word.” Many times we do not need a new word, but rather we need to contend for those we’ve already received. There are 66 books in the Bible, filled with promises–promises we sometimes must fight to obtain. In this message learn three simple steps to contend for the promises of God: 1) See It 2) Say It, and 3) Set It.