The Change Agent Trilogy


Global Terrorist Attacks. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. School Massacres. Tornadoes. Forest Fires. Hailstorms. Mudslides. Blizzards and Avalanches. Mass Suicides. Plane Crashes and Ship Wrecks. Horrific hours filled with unprecedented destruction. Death, decay, and hopelessness inundate the world. Evil grows stronger as darkness descends. Yet what if in the midst of this chaos and tragedy you found out you were immortal and had the power to change the world? What if such monumental catastrophes marked the beginning and not the end? Join four teens as they uncover the truth of their identity and discover their destiny to bring hope and restoration. Can they succeed in their mission or will they fall prey to the wicked forces that oppose them? (Ages 12 and up) BUY NOW

Armor Up

In a little over 24 hours, DOT21 changed the world. Global destruction decimated the earth and many of its inhabitants. Most believed the end had come. In book one, AWAKEN, the Change Agent Revolution began as four teens led thousands to realize that they had the power to change the world. The light began to grow, but not uncontested. Evil never backs down without a fight. Join the Change Agents as they ARMOR UP against the ominous forces of darkness in an intense clash between good and evil. Will the dark overcome the light and earth succumb to a diabolical ruler, or will victory come forth as the Kingdom of God advances? BUY NOW